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How to Choose a Domain

Keep it Short and Sweet

Include a keyword when you buy a domain. It can help attract visitors and keep it memorable.

Make it Brandable or Unique

You also want it to be specific to your brand or personality to help you stand out.

Don’t Hesitate

Domain name availability can change in a moment’s notice. Complete your domain name registration today.

How to Transfer a Domain

Step 1:
Purchase and Activate Your Hosting Plan

To transfer your domain name to InMotion Hosting simply requires an active web hosting account. Select the hosting plan that best fits your needs and complete the checkout process.

Step 2:
Complete the Step-by-Step Domain Transfer Guide

We make the transfer process simple with our step-by-step guide in your Account Management Panel. This will walk you through the details we need to complete your domain transfer with zero downtime.

Step 3:
Relax and Wait for Completion

You will be notified automatically once your domain transfer completes – that’s it! You can check the status of your domain transfer at any time in your Account Management Panel.

How to Point a Domain

Step 1:
Purchase a hosting plan

You can host any domain name with InMotion Hosting by pointing your domain to our Nameservers. All you need is an active InMotion Hosting account.

Step 2:
Point your Domain Name

Point your current domain nameserver to InMotion Hosting’s nameserver.

Step 3:
Confirm the change

Changes to your nameservers can take up to 24 hours before they take affect, so changes you make will not be immediate.

Why Choose InMotion Hosting for Domain Name Registration?

Secure Domain Lock

Block unauthorized transfers with secure domain locking.

Domain Privacy Available

Protect your domain from hackers and scammers.

24/7/365 Tech Support

We’re here when you need us most.

Automatic Domain Renewals

Never accidentally lose your domain.

Easy Management

Easy, intuitive control panel to manage your domains.

Free Domain with Hosting

Receive a free domain with select hosting plans.

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Domain Name FAQs

What is a domain name?

If you have a website, you need a domain name – there’s no way around it. Your domain is your territory: it’s the tiny little piece of the web that you’ve claimed for yourself and your website. It’s where your website “lives.” Our domain name, for example, is

How can I get my domain name for free?

Most InMotion Hosting plans include one free domain registration, or domain registration transfer, for one year! Simply select a hosting plan and add your domain name during checkout.

How do I buy a domain name?

Search for your domain name in our domain search bar above. Select the domain name you would like to purchase and press the Select button.

How much does a domain name cost?

InMotion Hosting can host any domain on your account that you own. You can also purchase any available top-level domain with the following extensions: .com, .net, .org, .us, .biz, or .info. Domain registrations are $19.99, and this fee registers a domain name for one full year.

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